Holi is the celebration of colors. It signifies the colors of life and their importance in our life.

Holi Celebration

The festival of Holi is the celebration of colors in our lives. The festival has different aspects to its celebration. Like it is a celebration of good over evil, a carnival of colors, a community festival, a secular festival and a tradition of ancient spring rites. The main celebration takes place on the full moon day of Phalguna. The real essence behind its celebration is the community flavors of it that bridges the social gap. People of all religion and caste color each other with gulal and other form of dyes. They also visit homes, distribute sweets and greet each other. Men, women, adult and children all take part in dances and other cultural programs. It's the time of the year when roadside stalls throughout the country bear tables covered with bags of colorful powder, called gulal. Holi, is the exuberant festival of color.

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