Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala. This article is about Onam festival celebration in Kerala.

Onam Festival In Kerala

Onam is regardedas the most important the biggest festival of Kerala. But, there is a lot more to Onam than being just a festival. Onam reflects the faith of the people of Kerala; A belief in their legendary past, religion and power of worship. It shows the high spirit of the people who go out of the way to celebrate the festival in the prescribed manner and a grand fashion. It portrays the true cultural heritage and past of Kerala. All the rituals and traditions associated with the festival shows how rich is the heritage of India. Onam is celebrated as a harvest festival. It is celebrated at a time when everything appears so wonderful. The beautiful landscape of Kerala can be seen in its full radiance at this time of the Malayalam New Year. Weather, it seems, also seeks to be a part of the festival. It contributes by becoming pleasantly warm and sunny. Fields look brilliant with a bountiful harvest. Farmers feel on top of the world as they watch the result of their hard labor with pride. The festival showcases the unity among people.

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